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The Market Is On Fire – So You Need To Advertise

how to market your business in 2022

I’ve seen it many times. A company that sets up a website, a social media campaign, thinks it’s enough and that they’re done. In addition to getting a website created, they also get the male page designed.But then they …

Are Your Employees Watching Your Package Security Procedures?

professional tracking system for packages

It is becoming more and more common today for employers to monitor the packages they ship by doing regular searches on them using online tracking systems. So, if you ship anything regularly, it’s worthwhile to look at how you are …

How to Create a Memorable Elevator Speech for a Web-Based Job Interview

develop a strong and clear elevator speech

The elevator speech is something you will remember or hear a friend doing to describe herself or himself to a group of people. I can recall some particularly memorable moments when I have heard someone say his name and then …