Why you need to do Research before Hiring a Birmingham, AL Roofing Contractor




The average lifespan of a roofing system is fifteen to twenty years. If your roof is experiencing problems within these years it needs to be repaired instead of installing a new one. However, if it has surpassed this age, you may need to put a new one. To repair a new roof you need to employ a roofing contractor Birmingham al who will properly repair or install the roof to ensure that quality work is done. Here is what to look for before hiring a roofing contractor.


Ask the roofing contractor if he has a license. Since licensing requirements vary from state to state some cities may require them to be licensed while others may not. Confirm whether a license is needed in your area and if so check with the licensing office to ensure that your contractor’s license does not have any outstanding violations and is also up to date.


It’s also important to ask the roofing contractor Birmingham al about their experience. Contractors with many years of experience are usually preferable. Since many installation scams are committed by people who do not have a valid address, ensure that their physical address is valid.


Roofers should have a liability insurance and a workman’s compensation to protect you in case of an accident. This will cover you if an employee gets injured or if a damage has been caused that needs to be repaired. Without the insurance, you may be responsible for hospital bills and other costs associated with the injury.

Building permits

Installing new roofs and roofing repairs may require building permits. You, therefore, need to ensure that your roofing contractor has proper licenses and permits. Some locations may also need inspection during construction and after completion of the work. You should ensure that the contractor is adhering to all the rules.


Ask the contractor whether they have a warranty for their work. Although a roof warranty lasts a year, some contractors may offer longer warranties. In this warranty, the roofer covers the work while the manufacturer covers the materials used.

Get recommendations

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it’s advisable to get advice from friends and family. You also need to get many prices and quotes before settling on the contractor who you want to employ. This should include the work, a time frame for completion and the cost. If you wish to save some cash you can decide to carry out the clean up alone.


Roofing installation and repair can be very expensive hence never rush to hire a roofing contractor Birmingham al. You need to take your time to check their experience and reference. Protect yourself from any risk by doing enough research so that you can hire a contractor who has the experience and whom you feel comfortable with.