The Office Stretching Workout

office workout stretching


Our country has an epidemic on its hands – obesity.  Too many Americans go to work, sit behind a desk all day, and then think “I’m too tired to workout.”  Many do not know but if you’re inactive for a few years it can add a minimum of 15 pounds.  How insane is that?  This affects every age group from our senior citizens, teens and even toddlers.

The solution is easy to state – WORKOUT – however, sometimes it can be too hard to do.  Too many calories consumed in a day will add fat to your body.  However, the opposite also holds true – if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose fat, ie. weight.  You don’t have to hold a PH.D in understanding how to lose weight.  A basic exercise program and smart food choices is all you need.

Below are stretches (stretches are the most basic form of exercise and burn a good number of calories).  These all can be done at the office while you’re sitting there on the phone with a client.


Before you start these stretches take a quick five minute walk around your office to get your blood flowing.  If you have stairs that can be used to increase the difficulty.


  1.  Arms and Shoulders – Stretch each arm across your body and pull on it to release the tension in your upper back.
  2.  Neck – Lower your head toward one of your shoulders and hold for fifteen seconds, then switch sides.  Make sure you do this slowly to avoid a neck injury.
  3. Thighs – Sit on the right side of your chair and grab your right ankle.  Pull it up towards your glutes.  Hold for a few seconds and then switch sides.
  4. Legs and Back – Lean forward at your waist with your chest being brought to your thighs (it doesn’t matter if you sit or stand).  Straighten your legs to stretch your hamstrings.
  5. Calves – At your desk or at a blank wall, lean in with your heels staying on the floor.  Bend your knee to stretch the calves and tendons.

If this becomes too simple for you at the office, you can start this beginner dumbbell workout (at your office or at your home) that either a man, woman or even child could do:

15 Pound Dumbbells Workout