If you love to sing and yearn to share your voice with the world, this category will assist you to find every casting call available, and singing audition in the entertainment industry. For you to get noticed, you need to look into finding singing auditions and see if there are any casting calls scheduled for singers in your area. You can do this by looking through sites like AuditionsFinder.com. The site has various castings available that you can submit your information to.

You can also hire a manager that has information in the industry if you have difficulty finding singing auditions yourself. At most times the manager will get you the casting calls that you require before you notice them. This will enable you to record your music that will take you places you desire.

Casting Call Hub 

If you have always wanted to star in a movie, or TV musical or a reality TV talent like the voice or anything that features a song, then, casting call hub is the site you should visit. They provide every casting opportunity. You simply need to click on the category and see if there is any singing casting call listing in your area.


This is another good resource site if you are looking to find information on the singing auditions in your area.

If you want to know open casting calls in your area or what TV series and movies are holding auditions, this site will sort you out. The site has auditions search page that helps you to get casting notices.The notices are listed for the specific information that you include.

The site allows you to search for a movie title, a show or the city that you live in. You should note that by using this audition search, it will produce most casting notices that suit your criteria including archived ones. You should, therefore, note the date the notice was cast. The date is found at the top of the notice right below the title. Auditions Free home page provides the latest casting and singing auditions information as it is updated with new listings multiple times a day.