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A Sales Training Course That I Like

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I have been asked, on many occasions, what the key is to being a world class salesperson. The truth is that the main key to becoming a world class sales professional is in your mindset. A business owner or sales representative should maintain an idea that can be very useful to others, even when times are tough. I call it not the idea of a ” Bad Attitude”, but a ” Bad Mindset” To use an overused, but highly regarded word in sales, a sales mindset will enable you to turn this tough time to your advantage.

I’ve believed the best way to modify or even eliminate bad attitudes, is to alter or accentuate your thoughts. I call this the “Decision Making Process”. This process is very simple in nature, every decision needs to be backed with a mindset. The first step is to determine a belief you have a negative belief or attitude that you are not equipped to meet. An example would be like a person who can not handle stress. The challenging part is not with what this person does, or what problem she needs to solve, but is mental.

The next step is to match the bad mindset, with a good mindset. When this word comes up, most of us believe it is YOU who is in power when in fact we believe the business owner, or someone else, has a bad mindset. A bad mindset is the old, “If it really is truly as it’s portrayed in the show business, no businessman can be ‘bad’, and if someone is controlling true, and intentional, then it’s the wrong attitude, and we are not in a down cycle.

The third step is to walk through “Life’s Path” to get your mind carrying the right ” Bad Attitude”, into the right “Bad Mindset”. This is the nature of being in a bad mind set. We are programmed, and have been doing things the way it’s always been done. We’ve foreseen these scenarios, giving us advice that others would accept, we’re positive thinkers and people enjoy hearing how good or bad things are. Of course the natural human way, or what we are programmed to believe, but, what we’ve also now heard from experts is that people have a bad mindset which can be changed, and I personally are going to show you how.

Step one is obviously to change your mind to eliminate bad thinking, through anxiety and fear. Step two is to stop telling yourself you cannot score a sale, order a product, or contract through your POS. (Point of Sale) You’ll become confident that your mind was planted to your customers or referred relations.

Step three is when you should watch the business you work in. If you are a sales company to train your clients or buyer, this is your starting position. Whether you are selling something like personal security devices, DOT truck inspection, or financial services, I ask you to perform the same thing if you were a business. Here are my 17 questions to get you READY and please let Regards, POS (Point of Sale)86ive Website

  1. How many business sales do you have a month? (If none or you never got past childhood)
  2. How many cold calls do you respond to?
  3. What accounts on average do you close each month?
  4. What accounts on average do you close monthly?
  5. For each call you make do in most cases whatever comes of it.
  6. Who do you enjoy being around as much?
  7. What specialist are you passionate about?
  8. For each new telephone contact, what if you only had to make one smaller).
  9. What can you do to make people’s day better?
  10. What have you spent the most time on this month so far?
  11. Who is your friendly prospect that you favorite to work with?
  12. What is going on in your life right now that’s making you feel the most passion?
  13. What is your life vision? What makes you passionate about your mission?
  14. What would you do for free if you could?
  15. What do they ask for most by going through your POS?
  16. When in a sale conversation what is the phrase most used by your customers or former customers?
  17. What is there most hard thing to change in the last six months?If you can answer all the above questions, the”:- Mock Drawing results may give you an idea of your Archetype or maybe you need a new outlook?